At Sia Stones, we are committed to delivering our products to our customers promptly and safely. We offer various shipping options to suit your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for slabs and tiles in Onyx, Marble, Travertine, Quartz, Agate or Semi-Precious Gemstones, we can ship them anywhere in the world.

Shipping Methods

We use different shipping methods depending on your order’s size, weight and destination. Some of the shipping methods we use are:

Air Freight: This is the fastest and most convenient way to ship small to medium-sized orders. Air freight usually takes 3 to 7 days to reach your destination. However, air freight is also the most expensive option and may incur additional charges such as customs duties and taxes.

Sea Freight: This is the most economical way to ship large, heavy orders. Depending on the distance and port connectivity, sea freight can take 15 to 45 days to reach your destination. Sea freight is also subject to customs clearance and port charges, which may vary depending on the destination country.

Road Transport: This is the most common way to ship orders within India. Road transport is fast, reliable and cost-effective. Depending on the location and traffic conditions, road transport usually takes 2 to 5 days to deliver your order.

Shipping Costs

The shipping costs depend on various factors such as the shipping method, the weight and volume of your order, the destination country and the insurance coverage. We will provide you with a quote for the shipping costs before confirming your order.

Shipping Insurance

We highly recommend that you opt for shipping insurance for your order. Shipping insurance covers any loss or damage during transit due to unforeseen circumstances such as theft, fire, accidents or natural disasters. Shipping insurance is optional and can be added to your order at an additional cost.

International Shipping

We ship to over 100 countries worldwide. However, there are some restrictions on shipping particular products to certain countries. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Please Note: We don’t ship products to Syria, North Korea and Pakistan.

Custom Clearance

We have our custom clearance agents in every country; they will handle all customs processes by themselves and make your import experience hassle-free.

Customs and Duties

Customers are responsible for customs duties or taxes imposed on their order upon arrival in the destination country.

Shipping Tracking

Once your order is shipped, we will provide you with tracking details. You can also contact our customer service team anytime for updates on your order status. Our delivery counterpart will also contact you for delivery details and the customs clearance process.

Shipping Restrictions

Some countries may have restrictions on importing certain products or materials. You are responsible for checking with your local authorities before placing an order with us. We are not liable for any delays, fines or penalties that may arise due to non-compliance with your country’s import regulations.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our shipping policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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