Packaging of Slabs for Export

We are a reputed company that manufactures and exports natural stone slabs. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that our slabs are packed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our packaging process follows international standards and best practices to protect our slabs from any damage during transportation and handling.


Our packaging process involves the following steps:

Inspection: Before packing, we inspect each slab for any cracks, chips, stains or defects. We also check the slabs’ dimensions, thickness and polish to ensure they meet the order’s specifications.

Cleaning: We clean the slabs with a soft cloth and water to remove dust or dirt. We also apply a protective coating of wax to enhance the shine and durability of the slabs.

Labelling: We label each slab with a barcode sticker that contains the information. This helps us to track and identify the slabs quickly.

Wrapping: We wrap each slab with a thin plastic sheet to prevent any scratches or abrasions on the surface. We also insert foam or cardboard sheets between the slabs to create a cushioning effect and avoid any friction or impact.

Shock-Absorbing Padding: To further safeguard your slabs against shocks and vibrations during transit, we line the interior of the wooden crates with shock-absorbing padding. This padding provides an extra layer of protection against any external impacts.

Crating: We crate the slabs in solid wooden pallets that are fumigated and treated to prevent pests or insects. The pallets are reinforced with metal or plastic straps to secure the slabs firmly. We also use corner protectors and edge guards to avoid any chipping or breaking of the edges.

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If you need custom branding on packaging, let us know when you order so we can prepare your branding labelling material for packing.

Custom Branding 1
Custom Branding 2


Before finalizing the shipment, our quality control team conducts a thorough inspection. This step ensures everything is in order and the slabs are securely packed. We take pride in our attention to detail; this final check is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


We load the pallets into 20-foot or 40-foot containers using forklifts or cranes. We ensure enough space between the pallets and the walls of the container. We also use wooden blocks or wedges to stabilize the pallets and prevent movement or shifting during transit.

Crate Loading 1
Crate Loading 2
Crate Loading 3

We take pride in our packaging process, which ensures the quality and safety of our natural stone slabs. We use only high-quality materials and equipment for our packaging process. We also follow all the rules and regulations of the destination country for our export shipments. We guarantee that our slabs will reach you in perfect condition and ready for installation.

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