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On-site inlay design work involves creating and installing inlay slabs on the project’s location rather than in a factory or workshop. This service suits projects requiring custom-made inlay slabs that fit the space’s specific dimensions, shapes, and designs. On-site inlay design work can also be used to repair or restore existing inlay slabs that are damaged or worn out.

Steps Involved in On-Site Inlay Design Work

On-site inlay design requires skilled and experienced artisans who can handle various materials, tools, and techniques. Some of the steps involved in on-site inlay design work are:

  • Measuring and marking the area where the inlay slab will be installed.
    Cutting and fitting the base material (such as stone, wood, or metal) to the desired size and shape.
  • Creating and tracking the inlay pattern or design on the base material.
  • Cutting and carving out the recesses or grooves for the inlay material (such as gemstones, shell stones, metal, or wood).
  • Fitting and gluing the inlay material into the recesses or grooves.
  • Polishing and finishing the surface of the inlay slab.
  • Installing and securing the inlay slab on the floor, wall, countertop, or other surface.

Benefits of On-Site Inlay Design Work

On-site inlay design work can offer various benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding transportation and installation costs of prefabricated inlay slabs saves time and money.
  • We offer quality and durability using high-quality materials and processes that suit the local conditions and environment.
  • It provide flexibility and customization by allowing the client to choose the materials, colors, patterns, and designs of the inlay slabs according to their preferences and specifications in real time.

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