Our beautiful slabs and tiles begin with carefully selecting high-quality blocks and rough stone. We understand that the foundation of any remarkable product lies in the material used, and that’s why we leave no stone unturned in ensuring excellence right from the start.

We leased mines and quarries in Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Madagascar, Brazil, Indonesia and India. All of our blocks and rough stone are ethically sourced.

Quarry Picture 1
Quarry Picture 2
Quarry Picture 3
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Quarry Picture 5
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Premium Selection of Blocks

Our expertise spans various blocks, including Onyx, Marble, Travertine, Quartz, Agate, and Semi-Precious Gemstones. Each material is chosen for its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal, ensuring our customers have a wide range of options.

Onyx Blocks

Onyx Block 1
Onyx Block 2
Onyx Block 3
Onyx Block 4
Onyx Block 5
Onyx Block 6

Marble Blocks

Marble Blocks 1
Marble Blocks 2
Marble Blocks 3
Marble Blocks 4
Marble Blocks 5
Marble Blocks 6

Travertine Blocks

Travertine Block 1
Travertine Block 2
Travertine Block 3
Travertine Block 4
Travertine Block 5
Travertine Block 6

Agate And Semi-Precious Gemstone

Regarding Agate and Semi-Precious Gemstone, our approach is equally exceptional. We carefully slice these precious stones and then bond them using epoxy resin. This unique process results in stunning slabs that showcase the natural beauty of the rocks while enhancing their durability.

Agate Rough Stone

Agate Rough Stone Slices 1
Agate Rough Stone Slices 2
Agate Rough Stone Slices 3
Agate Rough Stone Slices 4
Agate Rough Stone Slices 5
Agate Rough Stone Slices 6

Semi-Precious Gemstone Rough Stone

Semi-Precious Gemstone Rough 1
Semi-Precious Gemstone Rough 2
Semi-Precious Gemstone Rough 3
Semi-Precious Gemstone Rough 4
Semi-Precious Gemstone Rough 5

Semi-precious quartz Rough Stone

Semi-Precious Quartz Rough 1
Semi-Precious Quartz Rough 2
Semi-Precious Quartz Rough 3
Semi-Precious Quartz Rough 4
Semi-Precious Quartz Rough 5
Semi-Precious Quartz Rough 6


If you have any questions about our blocks & rough stones, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer your queries.


Frequently Asked Questions

We source our blocks from leased mines and quarries in Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Madagascar, Brazil, Indonesia and India.

They’re typically extracted using a combination of drilling, cutting, and heavy machinery.

Blocks are larger and raw, while slabs are smaller, polished, and ready to install.

Mining and transportation impact the environment, but marble, onyx and travertine are natural and recyclable materials.

You can buy high-quality marble, onyx or travertine blocks from us. Contact us to get the best price.

We source our rough stone from Indonesia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Botswana and India.

For centuries, semi-precious gemstones and agate rough stones have been widely used in jewellery making. We sell these rough stones to many manufacturers around the globe. Get in touch with us to get the best price.